Monday, February 1, 2010


After whinning like a baby, I think I need to go back to my initial motive for this project.  I wanted to try some new lifestyles, learn more about my unconscious choices and become more aware.  A few questions run through my mind as I start week three of vegetarianism.

By avoiding meat, how much impact does that actually have on animals?  My instinct says "very little."  For example, I went to eat sushi with a friend last night.  I didn't really think through that decision.  When I sat down at the conveyor belt, all I could see were miles of fish. 

As we know, I already miss seafood.  I was able to find a few things on the menu like veggie tempura and a noodle soup.  I also tried some great cold saki and a sweet yogurt-flavored soft drink in a cute little bottle.  As I let those small delicious plates of food pass me by, I wondered, "Could my choice not to eat seafood change this business?"  Would they purchase less seafood and expand the vegetarian choices?  If everyone were vegetarian, then yes.  Would that be a good thing?  Not necessarily.  My mind considers the fishermen, Japanese culture and the important health benefits of fish. 

I obviously don't support animals getting slaughtered in terrible conditions.  But I also don't intrinsically feel that eating meat is wrong.  I'm honestly glad this experiment only lasts one month.  In these few weeks, I've realized that vegetarianism isn't right for me, but I'm definitely learning along the way.

A few people have mentioned that I've lost weight recently.  That's an interesting and unintentional effect.  Weight loss wasn't one of my objectives in this experiment, but I don't mind either.  Substituting vegetable broth for chicken broth, skipping a fried beef appetizer last week, passing by the jambalaya and turning down the free meat samples at QFC....I guess all these little things added up.  I also know that trying something new, whatever it may be, can break your eating patterns and sometimes cause weight loss.

This vegetarian experiment may also be the perfect time to finally try an Ayruvedic cleanse.  I'll continue my research about the foods I need and maybe email my amazing acupunturist, Teri Adolfo, at Kerala Ayruveda.  That may be the best way to clear away all the unneeded build-up that we all hold within.  It's a constant challenge to continually let go, think differently and be our best in this moment.  Now.

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