Saturday, January 30, 2010

I miss meat

This week has been stressful, and my enthusiasm for this experiment is waning.  I went out for Thai food on Thursday and all of the specials had meat or seafood.  I miss seafood.  Prawns, muscles, clams, salmon...they're just so good!  And healthy!  All those Omega-3s. 

But for the sake of the experiment, I passed the special paper to the side and looked at the vegetarian section.  My dish, the Vegetarian Curry, was undoubtably delicious, but I just miss having options.  That's the tough part.  I'm tired of immediately negating so many yummy options.  I don't even allow my mind wonder nor mentally taste those dishes.  They are not choices for me right now. 

I went to friend's house last night to unwind after a crazy week of National Boards mania.  The wine hit the spot, but I had to pass on the jambalaya she made in her crock pot.  The spicy smells of chicken, prawns, tomatoes, onions and rice filled the house.  I settled for some salad and chips.  I had eaten earlier (more vegetarian pho) so luckily I wasn't actually hungry.  But it stinks to be the only person not eating the main dish.  Not even just a little bit in order to compliment the chef.  I feel like a whinner today.  I miss meat.  Whaaaaaaaaa!

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