Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free Movies and Live Music

Within walking distance from my place, TheFilmSchool presents free movies at Roy Street Coffee and Tea on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm.  I've attended these free films in the past and I love the way they convert part of the coffee shop into a dark, curtained projection area.  The comfy chairs and coffee aroma make it a unique and fun experience.  TheFilmSchool speaks to the core of storytelling.  Roy Street Coffee and Tea also offers free live music from time to time.  This may be one of my Mission Finding Free hangouts.

I refer to Roy Street Coffee and Tea and 15th Ave Coffee and Tea as the "secret Starbucks."  On the doors and websites, they claim that the shop is "inspired by Starbucks," but that means that it IS a Starbucks dressing up like a mom and pop coffee shop.  They definitely know how to target a new audience.  I must admit...I like the feel of the recycled furniture, wood beams and metal accessories.  You definitely don't feel like you're inside a suburban cookie-cutter Starbucks.  These shops have received mixed reviews from the community.  Check it out:

Free events build community and local culture.  I support the changes that Starbucks is making and will also support smaller coffee shops in my neighborhood.  I'll take a little of everything please.  And thank you.

Month Eleven: Finding Free

My eleventh Experiment with Truth is upon me.  I have decided to find all of the fun, free activities, concerts, performances and shows in my beautiful city of Seattle.  As an elementary school teacher, the decision to work or not during the summer is a tough one.  We all want extra money, but time off to recuperate is even more precious.  After 2 years of National Boards work, I am giving myself permission to rest.  Therefore, I have decided not to work this summer.  It's official.  My mission is to soak up our few sunny months, find free ways to stay entertained and write as much as possible.  Mission Finding Free has begun!