Saturday, July 27, 2013

India is calling!

Tomorrow I leave for India.  I have been dreaming of this trip for over two years.  Part of what drew me to Ayurveda was the opportunity to travel to India and see where yoga and Ayurveda were born.  I want to experience how it's really done, in the most authentic way possible.  This feels like more than just a trip.  It feels like a spiritual voyage way outside my comfort zone.  It may not be pretty or even enjoyable all the time, but I know it's exactly what I need.  My dad and I will be doing something called Panchakarma (which means 5 actions).  It's a cleansing treatment that will take place over our 17 days.  I'm not sure what the Ayurvedic doctors will recommend for me, but I'm hoping to find a new approach for healing my knee.  I'm excited to take day trips to temples or markets or ashrams.  Whatever opportunities present themselves will be perfect for me.

Friends have told me all kinds of crazy stories about India.  One friend shocked me with her story of a woman dumping her baby in her arms and yelling, "Better life with you!" before running away, leaving my frightened friend in the middle of the street bawling and overwhelmed.  I've been reading books and learning in preparation for my trip.  However, I already know that nothing will prepare me fully.  I'm ready to proceed into this crazy, beautiful unknown country with an open mind and a deep respect.  The wellness center, Ayurvedagram, will take care of us.  This first trip to India needs a little hand-holding.  As much as I love to explore and be the adventurous traveler, I don't yet know the rules for India.  I feel humbled at the thought of this crowded, vibrant country.  As I pack my bag and leave my phone at home, I know that these are the moments that enrich and define my life.  See you in three weeks!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Perfect Summer Salad

This week I made the perfect summer salad for Pitta season.  I was inspired by an amazing cookbook called Eat Taste Heal.  It was written by 3 Ayurvedic doctors and clearly outlines how to eat for your dosha.  Their website also has valuable information and resources about Ayurveda. 

This salad is refreshing and delicious.  I loved the creamy, cool dressing.


3 tablespoons sunflower oil
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons filtered water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon chopped dill
1 teaspoon maple syrup
I blended these ingredients until smooth and stored them in the mason jar in the fridge.  It can be used for other salads up to one week.
3 cups mixed greens (whatever is in season)
½ bunch watercress, stems removed, leaves rinsed, dried and torn into sprigs
12 thin slices of cucumber
1 avocado (cut into long slices)
Mix salad ingredients together and toss with the dressing mixture. 

This recipe is quick and ideal for a hot summer night.  The watercress adds an unexpected bit of spicyness.  Enjoy!