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Through personalized 60-minute coaching sessions, I teach you how to balance your body in order to look and feel your best. You will learn how to utilize diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation and pranayama to reduce stress and anxiety, promote weight loss, improve digestion and clear skin.

You may be a good candidate for Ayurveda Health Coaching if you:
  • Are interested in yoga and meditation.
  • Would like to improve your digestion and elimination.
  • Are looking for a natural approach to healthcare.
  • Enjoy cooking and want to use food as medicine.
  • Are interested in taking steps to prevent disease.
  • Feel a bit “off” and want some guidance.
  • Feel anxious and want steps to create more happiness and peace in your life.
Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with me at the Glow Natural Health Center by calling 206.568.8298.
If you are interested in private home sessions, Skype consultations or speaking engagements, please email me at


“Coming here is a very peaceful experience.  I am learning so much and seeing results.  My digestion has improved so much along with my red bumps on my skin.”

“ is important to have an accountability partner and support system.  Nicole is a great energy and health coach.”

"For me, personally, it got me motivated to try to get back into doing yoga on a regular basis. It felt SO good doing the stretches and I was reminded how much better I felt when I was practicing yoga. Nicole did such a great job of explaining the moves, helping to position everyone safely in the moves, and encouraging and supporting everyone at all levels. For Dominic, I think just being able to do something special with his "favorite teacher ever" was fantastic! :-) He also said he enjoyed doing the yoga."
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