Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Swap

In my tiny condo, I fight a constant battle against the stuff that threatens to fill up every closet, shelf and counter top.  Donating clothes, books and furniture makes me feel free and light.  Even taking out the garbage is strangely satisfying.  I truly believe we have to clear out the crap from our lives to invite the fresh and new.  So today I walked my butt over to Half Price Books and sold some of the mediocre books that no longer need to live in my bookcase.  They only gave me 75 cents (waahhh wahhh), but that bought me almost an entire book in the clearance section (they sell for a dollar).  This green type of exchange intrigues me.  The cyclical nature of swapping merchandise definitely falls into the category of Finding Free.  Crossroads Trading Company also bought some of my clothes recently, which I transferred into store credit.  How can you not like free shopping?  I'm definitely not missing those clothes.  I can't even remember what they were now.  Obviously not staples in my wardrobe.  Today's mission of Finding Free was 75% successful.