Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegetarian Restaurants

I love to try new foods and explore new places.  This month's experiment is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of Seattle's many vegetarian restaurants.  I suspect many of my friends would be willing to try these new places even if they're not vegetarians.

I already love Pho Cyclo Cafe at Harrison and Broadway on Capitol Hill.  The Vegetarian Pho warmed me up on the coldest nights of the winter with it's spicy broth, tons of veggies and amazing price of only $6.15.  I was even able to save some for lunch the next day.  Mmmmm.

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe also has impressed me with its vegan sandwiches and pastries.  We stop in after yoga class in the U District.  It has a very earthy vibe and is one of the only Certified Organic restaurants in the area.

Here are some places I'd love to try this month:

Carmelita in Greenwood.  The pictures of the dining area, bar and patio look beautiful.  This could be a romantic date spot if I could ever find a guy that's willing to give up meat for the night.  Wish me luck on that part.

Near me in Capitol Hill resides Teapot Vegetarian House.  As I read the description I notice the menu is also very vegan friendly.  My yoga teacher is vegan and has prepared some delicious dishes, so I'm open to try the non-daily options.  I'm thinking about inviting my friend Jessica, who is allergic to dairy.  This may be her new heaven.

The vegetarian restaurant, Sutra, definitely intrigues me.  I recognize the name because they have hosted benefits for the group, Yoga Behind Bars.  I teach a free community class for YBB and have published items in their quarterly zine.  Any place that supports them, may need my support as well.  I'm eager to check them out!

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  1. And Janjai Vegetarian Thai on Wallinford! Their green curry with tofu is delicious!