Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yoga Day

This morning I celebrated International Yoga Day at my favorite yoga studio, the Hatha Yoga Center.  The 10:30 beginners' class was relaxing and rejuvinating.  Afterwards, we chanted Kirtan and enjoyed free healing services like massage and reiki.  The comfort I often look for in other people comes to me easily in yoga.  The self-care, breathing and calm reassurance leave me feeling peaceful and optimistic.  I value this yoga sanctuary so much.

This is also one place I never have to ask the question, "Is there meat in that?"  My incredible yoga teachers, Bob and Ki, are vegan, and only offer non-dairy, non-meat dishes.  I know most people would be skeptical, but they are delicious!  I don't have any of the recipes, but I just enjoyed warm chai, 15-bean soup and a variety of dips with bread or tempe without thinking or needing to question.  We helped Ki set out food while Bob hooked up stretching swings from the ceiling and wooden ramps for more yoga play.

It's easy to be vegetarian when surrounded by the right people.

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