Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Not Buying It!

This week I started reading the book, Not Buying It, by Judith Levine.  It documents her year-long experiment concerning shopping.  She and her partner decide to buy nothing except the essentials.  They outlaw high-end products, entertainment costs, etc.  I'm eager to read more about their growth, learning and experiences.

It also makes me wonder what in my life I don't want to "buy" anymore.  I'm tired of buying...
  • my unhealthy habits like drinking wine until my throat is sore.
  • excuses from the man in my life who won't (can't?) dive into our relationship.
  • my overreactions.
I am interested in buying more...
  • honesty about how I really feel.
  • my supportive family.
  • my yoga practice.
  • my new challenge of National Boards.
  • my finacial security. 
In order to keep choosing this new financial stability, I have to say no to other things, like new clothes or frivolous entertainment costs. This month's experiment helps me see what I really need in my life even beyond objects.
Even if my situation looked like this:

Or even this:

I would still need to decide what is important to me and what makes me truly happy everyday instead of frustrated, unhealthy or confused.  What are you not buying anymore?

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