Monday, February 8, 2010

Preparing with Hope

While completing the final week of vegetarianism, I begin to plan my next experiment.  I've been considering a few options and finally decided on a month of no shopping.  I'm outlining the rules in my mind... no shopping for new clothes nor accessories, but food and services are ok.  I'm sure the first few days won't be too bad since I'll be uber-content eating all of my favorite meat and seafood dishes.  :)  My vacation week next week may be a little tricky since I usually stop in stores or boutiques on my walks around Capitol Hill.  I'm hoping the experiment will inspire me to get creative with my current wardrobe, maybe try some new combinations/styles.  Perhaps I'll revisit old college habits and borrow fun clothes from my girlfriends.  It's economical, green and fun!  :)  I'm feeling hopeful and ready for a new challenge because avoiding meat constantly (like during two Superbowl parties) is getting exhausting.  I'm ready to keep things fresh, mix it up and move forward.  Wish me luck!

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