Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Month Two: Shopping-Free

This month, February 12- March 12, 2010, I am experimenting with no shopping.  Let me first outline the rules of this experiment.  I consider food shopping a necessity, so that's allowed.  However, I am outlawing shopping for clothes, accessories, home decorations, cooking gadgets, presents, etc.  I'm expecting this experiment to be much easier than the vegetarian month.  Today is day number four, and I haven't bought anything off-limits.

A friend of mine is hosting a dinner party/swap on March 5th, so it will be interesting to see how I feel then.  It will be a convenient time to collect a few new things for my closet (and soul?).  Also, today my friend, Ginger, gave me two beautiful mirrors for my place.  It's curious how some things just find their way to you while others seem to require a determined search.

The biggest temptation this month will be Urban Outfitters, a mere two blocks from my house.  Let me first state, I LOVE THAT STORE!  It has so many fun clothes and funky accessories.  I adore the hats and hair pieces especially.  It always has a large sale section, and I've found some great dresses there.  I did go in last night with a girlfriend.  I happily sat on the couch looking at books while she tried on and purchased a few things.  Like I said before, the beginning of each experiment is easy and filled with calm resolve.  I'm going to enjoy this feeling while it lasts.  I'm ready to save some $!

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