Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are Flowers a Necessity?

The day after Valentine's Day, I bought myself some beautiful red tulips, my favorite.  They were on sale, so pretty and right next to the check-out stand.  Only later did I second-guess my decision.  Flowers are beautiful and natural and found at the supermarket, but I can obviously live without them.  I guess that makes the flowers my first shopping experiment slip-up.

Despite that small oversight, this experiment has been surprising easy thus far.  I've been busy; the weather has been beautiful; and I've kept myself occupied with fun friends, new recipes, free library books, a cute boy, walks around Volunteer park, National Boards and going out at night.  What more could I really want?

My friend, Stacy, has mentioned a few ways to make this month's experiment a little harder and maybe a little more meaningful.  I'm open to turning this challenge up a notch.

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