Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Secret to Clear Skin

As I'm wrapping up Week Two of the Alcohol-Free experiment, I'm realizing that the best way to avoid alcohol is to keep myself super busy with other projects.  Since I'm starting my business, teaching, being a landlord, being a daughter, being a girlfriend, working out and cooking healthy foods, alcohol hasn't been part of my schedule.  I have missed a few parties because of all this schedule craziness, but I'm realizing that the moments that mean the most to me are usually time spent one-on-one with good friends.  The conversation is meaningful, and I leave feeling really happy.  I had an amazing lunch with my friend, Trina, at Cafe Flora.  Its vegetarian yumminess didn't necessitate a cocktail.  I also had Kiara over for appetizers and mimosas (left over from Mother's Day brunch).  My champagne flute was full of orange juice.  My drinking or not-drinking doesn't really matter when the friendships are solid. 

Last week I even celebrated Stacy at Oliver's Twist with a rhubarb tarragon lemonade.  Ummm...yes please!  The conversation and business brainstorm kept me plenty satisfied and entertained. 

Do I miss drinking?  Sometimes, yes.  A glass of chilled white wine on a hot day.  A margarita on Cinco de Mayo.  But what I don't miss are the hangovers, pimples, messed up sleep schedule and exhaustion.  In fact, my skin has never looked better.  All this clean blood flowing from my happy liver is really starting to show.  Or maybe it's all in my head.  Either way, I'm busy, challenged and feeling good.  I'll drink to that!

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