Monday, May 6, 2013

Replace instead of eliminate

Week one of my alcohol-free experiment has been a big success.  I didn't drink at all this week, but there were definitely some moments when I wanted to.  I witnessed myself wanting a drink at times when I felt stressed or overwhelmed.  It was as though I wanted to self-medicate with a glass of wine or a cocktail to "take the edge off."  Instead, I choose to breathe through it, feel uncomfortable and make a different choice.  After my very first day at my new office, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted.  Instead of the wine, I reached for a cup of comforting, warm soup.  The healthy nourishment did help me feel cozy and more relaxed.  That replacement offered the comfort I was searching for.

On Cinco de Mayo, I was waiting for friends to arrive and wanted to join the festivities with a margarita.  Instead, I had a refreshing virgin mojito that still provided the festive, sweet treat I was craving.  When my friends started to arrive, I was able to relax, chat and enjoy the music.  Dancing and socializing with good friends makes alcohol irrelevant.  I see that I sometimes want to fill the "gaps" or the uncomfortable moments with a straw and a sip.

At a dinner out, I had a grapefruit San Pellegrino.  It was bubbly and delicious, but at 150 calories and 35 grams of sugar, it may not be the healthiest alternative out there.  It seems that soda water with lime is a good way to sip on something with a little flavor, but not bombard my body with sugar.

As I head into Week Two of this challenge, I'm feeling confident and proud.  I feel like I'm really "walking my talk" as an Ayurveda Health Coach and yogini.  It's all a practice of self-study and learning.  I am happy to be taking my health seriously and noticing the benefits.

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