Friday, May 10, 2013

Feeling inspired?

I had a meeting with my principal (boss) this morning after a surprise drop-in observation this week. Of course when I saw her walk in with the iPad, I knew it was game time. I didn't change my lesson (much), but everything feels so different when you know you're being observed. We had a great conversation this morning, and she gave me some good feedback about setting diverse learning objectives for different kids based on needs. As she left, I realized that I was just "coached" in a caring and supportive way. And it felt good. I implemented a few of her ideas this morning and the students loved it! They love choice, specialized small group instruction and feeling like they're getting something special. We all want to feel special, heard and appreciated. My principal did that for me, and I passed the love along to my students. Maybe this new teacher evaluation pilot isn't so bad after all.

This all got me thinking... What does it take to feel inspired? I know it takes energy and willingness. A Course in Miracles states that willingness is everything. Am I willing to be inspired and take action towards positive changes? Do I have persistence and dedication to seeking out new challenges and experiences or do I only operate in my comfort zone? Am I willing to look like a dope and fail a few times before succeeding? Absolutely! Come check out the weirdo over here. That's me!

My principal doesn't take credit for my feelings of inspiration, but just keeps cheering me on. That's what I want to offer my students, friends, family and clients. Feeling inspired is like floating around on a happy cloud of energy and motivation. What makes you feel inspired? How do you get yourself unstuck when nothing feels inspiring? I want to hear from you!

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