Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ayurvedic Health and Beauty for Summer

In Seattle, dreams of summer strolls and fresh berries at the farmers market dance in our heads all winter long.  As the days get longer and we leave our jackets at home, we embrace the ancient secrets of Ayurveda to balance our bodies.  An Ayurvedic seasonal routine helps us achieve the peaceful mind, abundant energy and gorgeous glow that we all desire.  Instinctively, we know that we don’t want to eat the same foods, dress the same way or have the same routines every day for the entire year.  We adapt to seasonal cycles because these external forces create internal changes as well.  Summer is known as the “Pitta season” because it is dominated by the fire element.
In Ayurveda, when one quality increases, we add the opposite quality to achieve a healthy balance.  For example, when tea is too hot, we add ice (or time) to bring down the heat.  Similarly, in the warm summer months, we benefit from adding cooling spices, foods, activities and routines to our busy lives.  Cooling spices include fennel, coriander, peppermint and rose.  Cucumber, cilantro, mint, coconut water, lettuce, peas, apples, strawberries and figs are refreshing food choices for summer.  These make delicious additions to a smoothie, soup, salad or stir fry.
CAUTION!  You may notice that your Pitta is aggravated if you’re feeling angry, competitive, jealous or flustered.  You may suffer from acne breakouts or red, irritated skin.  Sour belching, heartburn, loose stools and excess sweating or thirst are other signs of Pitta imbalance.  When these undesirable symptoms occur, move towards cooling and soothing activities.  Reading in the shade, avoiding the noon sun, meditating or practicing yoga can be helpful.  Try a 10-minute self-massage with coconut oil (especially on the soles of the feet) or spritzing the face with rose water.  Taking a catnap or even a few deep breaths can help reset the system.  Essentially, self-care is the cure.
As we enjoy these long, sunny days of the summer months, take a few minutes to refresh and rehydrate your body.  The effects will show up in your skin, attitude and overall health. I wish you many sunny days and relaxing summer evenings as you relish your balanced, optimal health.

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