Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Up" Side of Heels

This month I have mostly been posting anti-heel writing, mainly to make myself feel more comfortable with the sacrifice.  Recently, I surveyed a few tall girlfriends that love to wear heels.  One mentioned that she could not go an entire month without wearing heels.  When I asked why, she replied, "At a really young age my mom engrained in my head that heels made my legs look longer and more beautiful, so I started to wear them in 6th grade. By college I started to pretty much wear them full time. I think I only own (outside of my tennis shoes and uggs) two pairs of flats, and I own about 50 pairs of shoes at least......"  She mentioned that shoes can make an outfit and that heels make the look more sexy.  I have to agree.  I love the way heels make my legs look and the way they make me, feminine and sophisticated.  Growing up, most women tried on their mother's heels and clomped around the house.  Learning to walk in heels is a rite of passage into womanhood.

Two friends described the ability to wear heels as almost a "right," and are looking for guys that fit into their current "tall" lifestyle.  One girlfriend wrote, "I love wearing heels, I feel weird out without them on. I used to be self conscious until I came to the realization in college that I should be able to wear the same shoes as everyone else...In dating, I think it (my height) can be a disadvantage, only because it limits the odds of finding someone who is okay with someone who is 5'10" and wears heels out. I am also on the shyer side, which can add to the "standoffish" and imtimidating factor."  While researching, I came across an article called, Why Tall Women Should Wear Heels. It declares, "If you're six feet, then you have a God-given right and Constitutional right to wear high heels; do not let other people take away your rights to feel feminine and stand tall and proud."  My same yoga teacher that discourages me to wear high heels, encourages tall women to stand up straight and "be tall and beautiful."  The effects of slouching may be worse than the effects of wearing high heels.  The message is the same no matter your height: stand up straight and be your beautiful self.

The truth is that heels are part of our culture.  They are accepted and often expected in many situations.  As I continue along this month's experiment, I learn more and more about their impact on our lives.

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