Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Obsession with Height

After some initial research, I've found a few interesting articles and resources about height.  On an eharmony dating discussion wall, one man asks why American women are so obsessed with height.  I particularly enjoyed one man's analysis of the phrase, "tall, dark and handsome," and what that really means to women.  No women responded to the question.  Check out the responses:

I also found an average height calculator.  It turns out that at 5' 3" I am 3.5 centimeters below the average height for a Caucasion woman.  That number surprises me because no one wants to think of themselves as "below" on any type of test.  It makes me wonder if that's an international average or American average.  Hmmmm.  Since I just realized that this same site has an average penis size and girth calculator, now I don't feel so bad.

This enlightening article tells me that I make less money and have fewer dates than my taller counterparts.  It also says I have a higher risk of suffering from dementia.  What the heck?  It does shine one tiny ray of hope for us smaller women.  We have a lower risk of hip fractures.  Why?....less distance to fall.  Oh geez.

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