Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Once the Month is Over

I've officially started the next experiment, yet I find myself still caffeine-free.  Monday, the first day I was "allowed" to drink caffeine again, I drank tea on the way to work.  A regular cup of coffee has lost some its appeal.  I still have decaf coffee grounds at home and will continue to brew decaf in the mornings.  I don't know when/if/why I would switch back to regular at this point.  Now that it's not forbidden, the temptation is gone.  I can swing by the coffee shop and pick up a cup o' joe anytime I want, so I've chosen not to do it.  Isn't that how temptation always works?

Part of me is scared to get addicted to caffeine again, even though I didn't have any severe symptoms before.  The experiment gave me an excuse to try something different, and I'm liking the change.  I've learned that caffeine reduces the amount of calcium and vitamin D that our bodies can absorb, thus lowering bone density.  Since I have/had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I need to do all I can to promote my bone health.  If that means giving up some coffee, I am now prepared for that challenge.

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