Sunday, April 18, 2010

Give an Inch

At the beginning of each experiment, I have to outline the rules.  It has become clear that completely flat shoes are rare.  Therefore, I am allowing shoes with a one-inch heel or less.  Even my "flat" leather boots have a tiny little wedge.  The shoes I wore on Friday had a teensy kitten heel.  For my male (or fashion-unconscious) readers, that looks like this...
It felt pretty good to wear flat shoes all night.  I walked, stood and danced the night away with no feet or back pain.  In a way, it also felt honest.  Honest about who I really am.  All 5 feet 3 inches of me.  As women, we have all kinds of little tricks to enhance our appearances.  Whether it's the hair highlights or extensions, make-up, fake eyelashes, slimming clothes tactics, teeth whitening or more invasive beauty techniques, we usually try to present our best face by whatever means necessary.  There's nothing wrong with these beauty choices, but they do sometimes feel like tricks.  We withhold or diminish the person beneath the façade.  Only a handful of people get to see us with the trickster shell removed.

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