Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Month Five: Gluten-Free

The inspiration is strong.  Before I write another word about my new gluten-free journey, I have to pay tribute to this writer.  Her name is Shauna James Ahern, and she is my gluten girl hero.  I expect that her blog (and probably cookbook) will be my bible this month.  To read about her diagnosis with celiac disease and resulting lifestyle inspires me to take this experiment seriously and really go for it!

To live gluten free means letting go of wheat, barley, rye and triticale.  That sounds innocent enough.  What that really means is no typical bread, pasta, pizza, crackers, cereal, pies, cakes, etc.  There are gluten free alternatives for most (if not all) of these foods.  I'm really lucky to live in Seattle.  We are so granola and crunchy, I know it will be easy to find baked goods and snacks that I love.  Immediately I think of Chaco Canyon Cafe and the Flying Apron Bakery.

I am feeling so optimistic and motivated.  This experiment is providing me an excuse to try a lifestyle that has always intrigued me.  I will get to sample delicious and strange new products, cook healthy recipes and most likely feel better.  I'm doing this for me, for my dad and for anyone that is stuck in a rut and wants to get out.  Here we go!


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