Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspiration is Contagious

As I prepare to start my 5th experiment, it seems that my enthusiasm is contagious.  Two friends have decided to challenge themselves with experiments like mine.  It's pretty amazing to see how my efforts are inspiring others to try new things and rethink their lifestyles.

One friend gave up shopping for 30 days.  She picked an experiment that is most relevant for her since she often shops online purchasing make-up, shoes and clothes.  See my last blog entry for an example of her passion for clothes and designers.  Her perspective on this challenge has already been interesting and entertaining.  Her recent facebook status said, "Day 6 of the "No Shopping for 30 Days" challenge....Still no voice and cramps. All withdrawl symptoms!"  I'm curious to find out her biggest temptations and how she conquers them.

Another friend is getting ready to join me tomorrow during my gluten-free month.  She has had severe stomach problems for years and is using this opportunity to do something positive for her health.  She's already been sharing her tips.  She filled me in that corn tortillas are gluten free.  That sounds like a good start to me!

I'm eager to explore this new dietary challenge.  I'm hopeful that I will feel healthy and light and even more energetic.  My dad recently got diagnosed with a gluten allergy, so I'm also excited to support him in his experimentation with delicious wheat-free options.  It's going to be a good month.  Plus I'll look great in my heels as I do it!

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