Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When money runs low, turn your gratitude up high.

Everyone has been there.  Your bank account is looking a little sad, and the anxiety sets in.  Money is linked to so many emotions like shame, embarrassment and worry.  However, money can also be empowering, especially if you learn to cultivate feelings of abundance REGARDLESS of your financial situation.  This spiritual wealth can support and sustain you.  You will remember that you're safe and provided for by the Universe.

Here are examples of how to cultivate gratitude even when funds are low.
Meditate and breathe.  Enjoy the feeling of a full breath.  Watch your body inhale and exhale this sweet air that is always available to you.  As you slow down and look around, think, "Wow.  What a beautiful candle.  What a soft rug.  What a beautiful tree outside.  Look around with the eyes of a stranger, observing and appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

As you move to the shower, don't judge your body.  Instead say an affirmation like, "Thank you, body, for supporting me every day.  Thank you for your strength, for digesting my food, for carrying me through the world."  Feel the warm water in the shower.  You do not need to buy more things.  Celebrate your soap that you already own.  Celebrate the smell of a clean towel.  Celebrate that you get to be clean.

Move to your closet.  Dress up today.  Wear a bright color that brightens your face.  Or a dress.  Thank yourself for taking good care of this item.  Put on pretty underwear.  Admire yourself in the mirror and remember that you already own cute clothes.  You do not need more in order to be happy right now.  You are enough and you have enough.

As you head to the kitchen, remember that you are an intelligent, creative and happy person.  You get to make the rules for your life, and you choose to feel the abundance.  Look around at what you have.  Even if you have very little, you have more than many people in the world.  Make the best of whatever you have.  Why not eat rice for breakfast?  Add a little cinnamon and viola! breakfast of champions.  Congratulate yourself for your creativity and resourcefulness.  You will find ways to nourish yourself and sustain yourself through breath, patience and smart decisions.

Money will come.  You have so much to offer and so much to give.  Focus on the ways you can give today.  If you are ready to educate yourself on smart investing and money management, watch this incredible video by Marie Forleo, Secrets for Building Serious Wealth.  She addresses the feelings that surface as women become primary breadwinners in many homes.  She also debunks the fantasy that a man is going to swoop in and save us financially.

As you educate yourself, make smart decisions and cultivate gratitude, you will begin to experience the richness of life.  You are of the highest worth right now, regardless of your financial situation.  Enjoy the abundance!


  1. I love, love, love this post, Nicole. Well done and what a great reminder! :)