Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Life doesn't always go as planned.  Good things happen, things fall apart and the renewal process starts all over again.  I see this in life and inside of me.  Therefore, when I take on all things Ayurveda this month, I realize it is an imperfect process.  I practice conscious eating, but some nights I just have to snack standing up in my kitchen on cheddar cheese slices, snap peas and cashews.  It just happens, and I'm ok with that.  When I write about the neti pot and how great it is, the next day I'll choke and cough and curse the bloody little kettle.  That's how life goes.  The body brush may scratch me, the new Ayurveda recipe may taste like crap or the whole thing may feel like a waste of time.  But other days things will flow, I'll run in the pouring rain and love every second of this imperfect, silly and honest life.

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