Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't go to church; I blog.

Another day, another confession.  I may not confess my sins every Sunday at church, but this blog is definitely keeping me accountable. 

Yes, I ate chocolate on Thursday.  Every month I have a union meeting over dinner.  The dinner is usually followed by a few pieces of chocolate supplied in small bowls on each table.  While listening to a budget cut discussion, I absentmindedly grabbed a couple pieces of dark chocolate.  Only afterwards did I turn to my friend and say, "Oh no!  That's chocolate!"  Habits die hard.

How often to we snack (or gorge?) without thinking about what we're eating?  It feels like my body occasionally operates on auto-pilot.  Cultivating awareness is challenging.  My experiments with truth are mostly motivating me to fess up when I slip up.  So here I am...I confess!

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