Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Beauty that is the Clothes Swap

In the last week of this month's experiment, I received a gift from the shopping gods in the form of a Clothes Swap.  The idea is simple: bring a bag of stuff you no longer wear and swap it for "new" stuff.  It works best when participants are around the same size.  Any clothes that no one wants get donated to a local charity.  It's fun, green and socially responsible!

I came away with two tops and a sexy dress just in time for a trip to Vegas this weekend with girlfriends.  The things we "need" always have a way of finding us.  Even if I only wear these items 2 or 3 times, they still satisfy that desire for something new.  It's a handy trick for the non-shopping experimenter.

It also gets me thinking about store displays and clothes sifting.  There are some wonderful consignment shops in Seattle like Fury in Madison Valley, Crossroads on Broadway and Buffalo Exchange in the U District.  But in order to find well-made, high quality clothes, you have to be ready to sift.  Bring your patience and perseverance.  Sifting through many styles, fits and textures is required in order to find the one gem that was made just for you....well, you and the person that owned it before you.  At these stores, you don't get the polished perfection of Nordstrom with drifting piano music, meticulously organized colors and styles and that special feeling...the feeling that you are now part of the exclusive, expensive, awesome shoppers club.  You know what I'm talking about.  If you don't, read or watch Confessions of a Shopoholic.  That movie cracked me up, and every woman can relate to some degree.
As this no-shopping experiment winds down, I vow to honor the many beautiful clothes and accessories I already own, even though some days they feel so boring and tired.  Seeing others appreciate my hand-me-downs reminds me to stop buying and appreciate the many gifts already woven into my life.

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