Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This week I have given myself permission to eat.  In the constant quest to save money, be thin and require little, I hadn't been allowing myself the resources necessary to really cook and thrive gluten-free.  This week I abandoned my strict food budget and let myself go to the grocery store twice and stock up on new foods including a beautiful, juicy steak.  After tasting a sample of this tender meat at the store and listening to the simple cooking instructions (about 7 minutes on each side, top with a little balsamic vinegar), I walked home dreaming of the herby, fragrant steak with asparagus on the side. 

It was truly divine.  Smoking up the kitchen, throwing myself at my 1925 heavy window to slide it open and sitting down to savor each satisfying morsel made me appreciate the many foods yet to cook and enjoy.  From here on out, I give myself permission to cook, spend money on high quality foods and enjoy each bite I put in my body.


  1. Love it! The gluten free diet can be a bit pricey, but I look at it as an investment plan for my health. You will be repaid later in life with increased vitality and life span and reduced medical bills. :)