Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One action today

Inspiration.  Excitement.  Possibility.  Aren't these the feelings that we all want?  Lately I've experienced a shift in my perception around a big life change.  I have decided to ditch the doubt, fear and insecurity and infuse my experience with creativity and learning.  This is my decision to make, and I choose happiness.

This month I am becoming a landlord.  I am renting my beautiful condo, my baby.  I see this opportunity as a financial reset that will help me achieve my goals, bring freedom into my loving relationship and secure my dreams of travel.  On August 1st, I started to stress because that was the internal deadline I'd set for posting my ad on Craigslist.  I had to recalibrate through meditation and realize that I can extend my personal deadlines to best suit my needs.  Once I took the pressure off myself, things began to flow.  I met with a friend that showed me leasing agreements, addendums, insurance information and an amazing shutterfly site for displaying additional pictures.  This one hour of discussing and note-taking blasted me with new confidence and excitement.  Just as the fear of the unknown brings anxiety, the fresh infusion of information brought me positive inspiration.

I have decided to take one step each day.  Whether it's clearing clutter and donating clothes, building my picture site, talking to my Home Owners Association or writing my Craiglist ad, making one small move daily brings me closer to my goal.  I plan to take this attitude with me whenever tackling a new project.  Giving myself some credit and congratulating myself for accomplishing something new (regardless how small) motivates me to keep going.  I also use my emotional gauge as a signal of when to stop.  When I'm having fun and taking inspired action, I keep going.  When I feel hot, irritated or tired, I take a break (possibly until the next day).  Respecting my limits and bringing self-love to any project allows me to flow effortlessly.

To see how far I've come so far, check out my shutterfly site.

Join me and take one inspired action today!

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