Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dating and Renting: The Parallels

"Hi Nicole!  I got your message.  I'm sorry but we've decided to look elsewhere."  The gasp that came out of my mouth showed me how invested I am in this rental process.  The wave of rejection that washed over me in that first instant was undeniable.  As silly as it seems, this process of renting my condo feels a lot like dating.

Excitement, connection and hope filled me this weekend as I showed Sara and John* my condo.  They loved the his-and-hers closets and extra storage unit for their snowboarding gear.  She loved the chandelier and wood floors.  She confessed to walking by the building the other day to daydream and get to know the neighborhood.  These comments felt like sweet nothings being whispered into my ear from a lover, promising devotion and security.  I felt like this couple would take good care of my place.  Plus two jobs can pay the rent easier than one!  It felt like the perfect match. 

"Did the dentist call?" my mom asks tentatively.  "No, mom."  After 4 showings on Saturday and multiple email threads with various prospects, I expected to be running credit checks on Monday.  Instead I sat contemplating a price reduction and checking my phone every 15 minutes.  Is the price too high?  Should I rename it a studio with sleeping alcove instead of a one bedroom?  Did I sound too eager?  Was it something I said?  Uggghhh...these feelings of doubt and frustration are enough to drive a girl crazy. 

Then I decided to reframe my perception.  This rental process is new for me and a huge growth opportunity.  Just last week I became landlord-certified and passed a site inspection with endless paperwork, copies and signatures.  We cleaned, decluttered and strategized.  It's going to take some time for my perfect renter to find me.  She is already on her way.  I just have to stay optimistic and cultivate patience.  Of course there are tasks I can do in the meantime to prepare (make copies of the keys, get rid of old paint cans, donate more unneeded things, etc).  This first round taught me (again) the importance on non-attachment to the outcome.

A miracle also happened last week.  I bit the bullet and paid $115 to join the Rental Housing Association.  This gave me access to all the rental paperwork I need to stay legal and protected.  It was an investment that I knew would benefit me and my renter.  As I shuffled through all of my condo papers, I found a check.  It was from 2009.  For $117.  I take this as a sign from the Universe.  Invest in the right things and the money will appear.  What you need will always find you.  I deposited the check, and it went through.  Thank you, Universe!

Just like in dating, the Universe has my best interest in mind.  I can sit back and relax knowing and trusting that divine timing is at work.  Breathe, meditate, take one step forward.  I'm going to keep showing my place, giving love away, and it will find its way back somehow.  It always works out.  I'm eager to see what miracle will happen today.  Universe, show me what you've got!

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.


  1. Love your perspective on how renting is like dating, funny to think about how similar they are! So impressed you did all the research to be your own landlord, might have to get details & tips from you when I get home on this!

  2. Thanks for reading, Kristen! I'm happy to share everything I've learned so far when you get home. RHA is a really helpful site and community with information, events and classes for landlords. Wishing you safe travels!

  3. Love! Your voice is so fun! I can totally hear You in your writing. :) xo