Wednesday, April 25, 2012

perfect health = the medium path

You do not have to be a perfect person to achieve perfect health. During these first few weeks of my Ayurveda study, that one message has really hit home.  Follow the medium path in life in all things that you do in order to be happy and healthy.  Extremes and rigid rules throw the body out of control.  The imbalance creates stress and negative symptoms in the body.  My teacher, Dr. Jayarajan, has shown me a more relaxed attitude about health.  We definitely want to treat our bodies well with proper nutrition, daily routines, rest, meditation and gentle exercise, but there is no one right way.  Nothing is off limits and nothing is all good or all bad.  He explains that even poison can be used as medicine in the right circumstance.
This attitude resonates with me because I can be an extreme person.  I find people, ideas or activities that I like and dive in 100%.  My recent cleanse is a perfect example.  By confining myself to a very narrow and extreme set of rules, I set myself up for failure.  A better approach would be to add a few more cleansing foods, drinks, routines and eliminate a few harmful habits.  The all-or-nothing mentality does not allow us to find the sweet spot, the medium path.

Instead of seeing perfect health as a perfect body, a perfect diet, a perfect level of fitness or a perfectly enlightened state, I now see that the whole point is to balance our bodies in order to match the vibration of nature.  I know that this sounds a little out there.  Let me explain.  Nature is not perfect nor predictable, but it is beautiful and organized and rich.  Since we are part of nature, we need to view ourselves with the same outlook.  We are not machines.  We are beautiful, original and perfectly imperfect works of art.  By treating my body with love, I can harmonize with the rest of nature.  Ayurveda is a comprehensive health care system that directs us back to balance and therefore perfect health.  By following daily routines (meditation, sleep, hydration, nasal irrigation, body brushing, etc.) I support this balanced state in my body.  Positive thinking, awareness and consciously choosing loving compassion, I am able to maintain a balanced state of mind.  Since my mind, body and nature are intimately connected, I am doing myself and my community a huge service.  What ways have helped you maintain a balanced mind and body?  Comment below to share your way on the medium path.  Namaste!

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