Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating Space

It's official.  I share space with another human being.  After living alone for 7 years, I took the jump into cohabitation with my boyfriend.  It has definitely been a transition for me to share my bed, make so many decisions together and consider another person's schedule.  After 3 weeks living together, I can honestly say I'm happier now than I've ever been.

The number one reason why it's working is because we've created some space.  Before we moved in, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find a comfortable place to meditate and practice yoga in our one bedroom apartment.  To which he responded, "You can meditate anywhere your butt hits the ground."  The funny thing is that he was right.  The even better thing is that I claimed a little area of the living room for my alter.  By placing my vision board and a candle on top of my grandma's old trunk, I immediately created the sacred space I craved.  We found an incredible picture of the Buddha and hung it above the trunk.  By not overcrowding our space with excess furniture, I carved out the perfect strip for my yoga mat in between the dining room and living room.  This little area is my favorite part of our new home.  I wake up early just to relish some time to myself in front of my alter with my mat, journal, books and music.

After a few quiet minutes of meditating and breathing, I'm prepared to re-engage with the world.  I take that calm stillness with me.  I've noticed that it makes me less reactive, less snippy and just overall more satisfied with life.  I know that everyone in my life benefits from this yoga and meditation practice.  It helps me bring my best loving, sweet self to any situation.

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