Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Comfortable with the Space

This whole not-working thing is so foreign to me.  I've been working since I was 15 and have spent all of my summers working, traveling and/or studying.  This entire week I've been fighting the urge to work, setting up meetings and then canceling them, becoming that indecisive girl that drives me crazy.  I love the possibility of learning, meeting new people and of course making money, but I'm resisting schedules, responsibilities and feeling locked-in.  I want to be free and open and spontaneous, but it's such a dramatic contrast from my uber-planned, bell-to-bell packed school year life.  Just last week I was writing report cards, packing boxes, moving classrooms, working with students, hula hooping at Field Day and shaking 81 little hands at 5th Grade Graduation.  The lifestyle shift is undeniable.

I know this has been a transition week and all change takes a while to get used to.  I can't complain without eliciting eye rolls from my friends and even from myself.  I have a newfound respect for people that work from home and the time discipline they must create.  Living in the present moment becomes even more spiritually challenging when you have a lot of free moments.  So now my goal is to maximize rewarding summer experiences, organize my own time, get comfortable with the space and not spend all of my money.  Which brings me to today's Finding Free gift.

I hiked the Discovery Park loop in Magnolia with a girlfriend this morning.  The gorgeous views, hour-long walk and reflective conversation made it a satisfying way to start the day.  Getting outside, even on cloudy days, feels somehow productive and invigorating.  I loved the stairs, views of the Sound, wild flowers and mountain feel within the city.  We're making it a weekly thing.  My heart, body and wallet unanimously agree.  YES!

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