Friday, January 7, 2011

Muscle Recovery

Working the legs requires resting the legs.  I am in state of muscle recovery.  My Chi Running book promotes balance and listening to your body.  After a strong lap around Greenlake yesterday afternoon, my body told me to get into bed at 7:00pm.  I could barely keep my eyes open and my legs went on strike.  Perhaps I overdid it, but Chi Running with a fit partner motivated and inspired me.  I know this experiment is going to propel me towards running races again.  Stacy and I have the St. Patty's Day Dash in our sights for mid-March.

During the run, we focused on the idea of a needle in cotton.  This image helps me remember that my spine and my core muscles are like a gathered needle of energy from which all of my movements should originate.  My arms, shoulders, hands legs, hips, feet are the loose cotton that move easily and that are guided by the strong metal core.  We would occasionally shake out our arms and shoulders to release tension and let the core direct the show.

I also tried to envision the center point below my belly button and in front of my spine.  However, my heart felt like a more natural place to focus my attention.  Perhaps the yoga training and heart chakra work makes the heart my familiar meditative zone.  I could visualize being pulled forward through my chest and out of my heart.  It definitely helped to keep my head up and vision focused on a point in the distance.  I will keep experimenting with center points within my body.  Session number one of Chi Running is considered a success!

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